Now Easier to Find Best Way to Do a Task for Free

2 Dec

We’re very excited about the update that we made to CatchFree yesterday.  The most obvious change is that the comparison tables look way better.  But the most important change is a new formula for ranking products.

Before the change, products were ranked for a specific task based on the number of users that vouched for them.  This worked pretty well since ineffective products probably couldn’t get people to support them but it became a bit of a popularity contest.

Improved Ranking Formula

We’re now ranking products based on the percentage of users that consider the product a “must have” for that task.    Over the last several weeks we’ve collected feedback from tens of thousands of users about how they use their favorite web and mobile apps.  We’ve now released that information with our new ranking formula.  So you’ll see a lot of new products topping the lists.

As always, users are in complete control of the rankings.  We believe this new formula will surface the easiest, most effective free products for each task.

Easier to Narrow Choices

Another important change is that we’ve made it much easier for you to narrow down choices for your unique need.  For example, if you want to share your desktop for free, you’ll have several choices.  But if you also need to record your session, the list is narrowed to half of the available free solutions.

Do you like these changes?  Hate them?  Either way, we’d love to know.